Greatest (Creepy) Iconography: Vintage Studio Logos

Written By: Greg Howell - Feb• 24•18

It has been often documented by children of the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s. The total fear of seeing the closing studio logos on television after their favorite shows would deliver a queasy dread.  Many have retold of their screams at the sight of the nightmarish Screen Gems logo, even tales of running from the room or hiding behind large chairs. There is no question, most of those vintage graphics are unforgettable, if not suspiciously ominous and threatening!

One can only surmise the rationale behind the creation of these animated identifications. Viewers that did not run from the room as though they were being chased by demons likely sat transfixed, nearly hypnotized, by the booming, echoing musical cues as snakelike symbols were drawn on screen.

Did these all start with MGM’s Leo the Lion? Did each studio feel it necessary to out-evil each previous studio bumper in a frightening desire to capture an audiences’ attention? Was it a subliminal threat against copyright violation? WHY? WHY? WHY? Well, likely only the devil himself knows the answer. There is no question about it, however, those vintage studio logos all share responsibility for the therapy of many adults today!


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