GREAT GRAAAPHICS!!! The Electric Company, 1972

Written By: Greg Howell - Sep• 20•16

Ec_logo_800The 1971-1977 PBS production, The Electric Company, could be described as Laugh-In meets Sesame Street.  Aimed at grade school children, the show exemplified the 70’s subculture, and featured sketches and music, sometimes with a dark, deviant adult wink.  The graphics and blackouts for the show exploited the hallucinogenic tone of the “flower children” of the 1960’s, as its opening credits demonstrated. Many segments, when watched today, can leave the viewers wondering exactly what the writers and cast were smoking?

The segment featured below is from Season 2 (1972-1973) and features young Morgan Freeman in the opening tag.  Cast member, Rita Moreno, supplied the “Hey you Guys!” opening, which became a popular catchphrase at the time.  The show incorporated newly invented video techniques and effects that gave the show its modern visual style.

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