Great GRAAAPHICS! Love American Style

Written By: Greg Howell - Feb• 24•14

LoveAmeicanStyle_titleTelevision first hit anthology comedy series, Love American Style used blackouts (a la Laugh-In) and sketches about love, sex, and anything else considered racy or taboo in the early 1970’s.  The opening graphics featured orgasmic fireworks, an animated heart, and each week, new guest stars acting out new situations.  The only consistency was the blackout comedians rotated throughout the show.

The show ran from 1969 – 1974, on Friday nights at the 10pm (eastern) slot.  For one season, the show was cut back to 30 minutes per episode.  The only television anthology series to climb to greater heights was The Love Boat.

Love American Style was nominated for two “Best Comedy Series” Emmy Awards for its first two seasons.  Later, a short-lived daytime version rebooted in 1985, but it was the 1970’s opening graphics, with music by The Cowsills, that remains ingrained in popular culture.

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