Great GRAAAPHICS!: Gidget Opening Credits, 1st episode

Written By: Greg Howell - Feb• 21•14

Opening of William Asher directed Gidget pilot from Screen Gems.  Gidget was one of those one season wonders, perhaps similar to the modern day shows like Freaks and Geeks, Square Pegs, and My So-Called Life.  While staid by today’s television, Gidget broke ground as a teen issue show, focusing on teen heartbreak, parental difficulties, dating disasters, and, in general, the fun and depression of growing up. More evocative in its era than today, the show was a showcase of scantily clad girls and shirtless  teenage men, as they surfed and played on the beaches of California.  The show did not do well against top rated Beverly Hillbillies and hit western The Virginian, at least initially.  According to star Sally Fields, the show kept climbing in the ratings, but over the summer season, too long after the show was cancelled.  During that summer season of repeats, Gidget climbed into the National Top Ten in the ratings.  It was too late to bring the show back, as the sets had been torn down, and the stars had moved on to other projects.

However, Gidget and those 32 episodes are still well loved, and the opening credits of the show feature one of the most colorful, jazziest openings of the entire era.


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