ICONIC COLLECTIBLE: Myth-busting I Love Lucy Comic, January 19, 1953

Written By: Greg Howell - Jan• 27•18

27067325_163157917741882_5593628774096240740_nThe “I Love Lucy” comic strip began January 2, 1953 and ended late November, 1954 in newspapers across the country. On the morning of Monday, January 19, 1953, the strip’s subject was the birth of the Ricardo baby, and announced “It’s a BOY!”, about 14 hours BEFORE the famous baby episode aired at 9pm.

Every account since then claims that the national audience was unaware of the sex of Lucy’s and Ricky’s baby, and the show and network kept the secret; however, that is the stuff of legend. Obviously, anyone reading a newspaper that morning was in the know! Additionally, the baby’s sex was announced in many papers in a syndicated column the day prior, Sunday, January 18, 1953, the day before Lucille Ball had her baby and Lucy Ricardo had her Little Ricky.

In the end, it mattered little, as the show exceeded all expectations and remained the most watch show ever for the next 15 years!

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