Great GRAAPHICS!: Lucille Ball’s Classic Openings

Written By: Greg Howell - Feb• 19•14

Lucille Ball, over her quarter-decade television career, created classic comedy; however, each of her TV show’s openings were classic television graphics, influencing the graphics of other television shows for decades.  Clever, original, and, when needed, colorful, the opening credits (and closing credits) of Ball’s TV shows are iconic images well-known and loved by her audience.  Much credit can be given to Desi Arnaz for  the earlier shows.  He developed the concept of incorporating sponsors’ products into the openings, and changing those often to keep viewer interest.  In fact, the original I Love Lucy credits, featuring cartoon characters of the famous couple, were changed about every 5 or 6 episodes over the course of the 6 year run of the show.  The concept of the cartoon characters was retained until the second season of the Lucy Show in 1963.

Here is a collection of Lucy’s opening credits through the years, including the late 1950’s classic heart logo version, most commonly associated with the show.  Those opening credits were created by CBS to give the reruns unity and to remove the old sponsors. The Lucy Show credits, also changed each season, and included here is the closing credits for season 5 as well, a colorful closing that Andy Warhol surely loved!  The final group of course, are the Here’s Lucy show graphics.  These were often updated each season, though mostly with new musical arrangements and only slight changes in the visuals. Enjoy this collection of classic Lucy’s openings through the decades.



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