Written By: Greg Howell - Feb• 03•17

27337325_165585750832432_5501726041900927431_nIn mid 1968, on the great gothic soap Dark Shadows, for weeks and weeks (and weeks), poor frightful Adam is held captive in the east wing of Collinwood. Carolyn, obviously crushing on Adam, brings him food, books, and compassion. YET, she cannot bring him a broom to clean his dusty, cobwebbed room? It is absolutely diabolical that Carolyn should have him live in such squalor.

And while I am pontificating, Caroline, please, please bring him a fresh sweater. That green turtleneck had to be musty. This tender love story may have had a happier ending.

As for me, I am one panic attack away from shoving a broom into my TV screen to clean those gnarly cobwebs myself!

OTHERWISE, these well-acted, romantic scenes between the two actors created one of the most sensual pairings of the series!

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