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Here’s Lucy, September 14, 1970

After 19 years in television, Lucille Ball could still attract record-breaking audiences and lure top stars to appear on her show. On September 14, 1970, Here’s Lucy kicked off its third season with guest appearances by Hollywood’s royal couple, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. The plot revolved around Taylor’s famous diamond ring, and basically implements a re-written […]

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Great GRAAPHICS!: Lucille Ball’s Classic Openings

Lucille Ball, over her quarter-decade television career, created classic comedy; however, each of her TV show’s openings were classic television graphics, influencing the graphics of other television shows for decades.  Clever, original, and, when needed, colorful, the opening credits (and closing credits) of Ball’s TV shows are iconic images well-known and loved by her audience. […]

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